Hunt #4
Wyoming Trophy Whitetail Hunt

whitetail deer hunt4 sns

This is your chance to hunt Wyoming whitetail and mule deer in the rut.

This hunt takes place on a 10,000-acre ranch in Northeast Wyoming. We have been carefully managing this property for over 25 years. The cultivated fields attract large numbers of whitetail deer while the rugged timbered country attracts mule deer.

November is rut season and hunting bucks during this time means a lot of action!

The whitetail population has flourished on this ranch and trophy caliber whitetail bucks are present in the best numbers we have seen in the two decades of hunting this area. Our mule deer population is rebounding, and we are once again taking some very good muleys.

On this hunt, we pattern the movements of the whitetail from bedding areas to the fields. Hunters can expect to leave each morning well before daylight and then return to town for lunch and a little downtime. We return to the ranch in early afternoon to set up and intercept the deer as they come into the fields in the evening. Hunting whitetail can involve sitting in the dark and cool November temperatures, so warm clothing is a must.

Most of our mule deer inhabit the rugged timbered ridges found on the property. Hunting muley bucks generally involves hiking and glassing. Vehicle access is very limited, so be prepared to hike when pursuing a trophy mule deer. 

This is an extremely limited hunt at only 10 hunters per year, so be sure and book early.

This tag can be drawn at a 100% success rate; therefore, preference points are not required but can be helpful. The Wyoming license will be good for one buck, either a whitetail or mule deer.

Hunt NameLodgingPrice per Hunter# of DaysHunt DatesHunter-Guide Ratio
Trophy Whitetail or Mule Deer Town $5,995.00 5 November 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 or 16-20 2:1*
Trophy Whitetail or Mule Deer & Antelope Town $7,195.00 5 November 1-5 2:1*
* 2 hunters to 1 guide. One on one guide service is available at an additional $250.00 per day. License fees are not included in the hunt price.







Not only did I have a great guide, he made me feel like a long lost friend.
It was very nice to be around people who care about hunting.
Wanted to thank you for this year’s memory. A remarkable ranch in every regard. Your staff was as kind, generous and polite as any I could imagine anyplace. Thank you for that.