Professional Taxidermists We Work With

After you harvest your animal, your guide will take care of field dressing it for you. Taxidermy work and meat processing are available locally. The cost of meat processing and taxidermy work is your responsibility. If you like, your animal’s meat can be donated to a local food bank. The cost of meat processing will still be your responsibility. Meat cutting fees vary depending on the meat processor. It is possible to have your meat shipped home via Fed Ex and these arrangements are made directly with the individual meat cutters upon dropping off your animal. Taxidermy work is approximately $600.00 and up for a shoulder mount, plus shipping and crating. If you want to take your trophy home to a local taxidermist, that is also possible. Antelope heads can be frozen and packed with your meat. Heads taken home by commercial airliners require special care. We strongly advise you to contact your airline prior to your trip and find out their regulations. The airlines have recently made it difficult to take heads home as baggage. Heads can be left to be caped, boxed and shipped by local taxidermists; the charge is your responsibility. We urge you to check on your home state laws in regards to transporting meat and heads back from Wyoming with regard to chronic wasting disease.



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