Cow Elk Hunts
Experience a horseback elk hunt in the Big Horn Mountain range in Wyoming.
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Wyoming Cow Elk HuntsO

We offer both October and November cow elk hunts. 

These four-day horseback hunts in the Big Horn Mountain Range are fully guided and include room and board while in camp, airport transportation if you fly in the day prior to your hunt start date, and meat transportation to a meat locker in Casper. We also take care of the licensing by applying for your tag, if booked prior to the draw.

Our cow elk hunts require hunters to be prepared physically to ride horses and hike. Please practice shooting well in advance of your hunt. Plan on shots of 200-350 yards.

How To Book Your Cow Elk Hunt with SNS Outfitters

For more questions about the late season cow tag contact us by clicking here or calling us at 307-266-4229. If you would like more information on any of our hunts, request a free brochure here.