Hunt #11
2 State Deer Hunt

This two-trophy deer hunt is an action-packed, 6-day hunt during the peak of the rut, giving you an excellent opportunity to harvest two nice bucks.

We’ve been offering this hunt for more than 15 years, and it has become very popular among our hunters.

SNS Outfitters 2 State Deer Hunt (Hunt 11)

The Wyoming portion of this hunt takes place on a 10,000-acre ranch in the Black Hills in Northeast Wyoming.

We have been carefully managing this property for over 25 years. The cultivated fields attract large numbers of whitetail deer. November is rut season and hunting bucks during this time means a lot of action! The whitetail population has flourished on this ranch and trophy caliber whitetail bucks are present in the best numbers we have seen in the two decades of hunting this area.

The Montana portion of this hunt takes place in Southeast Montana in an area famous for producing big mule deer bucks. We hunt a 42,000-acre ranch in prime mule deer country.

SNS has been carefully managing this ranch for nearly 20 years. The ranch features six miles of hayfields on one end, plus timbered breaks and rolling grasslands on the other end, an absolute mule deer magnet.

This hunt typically falls during the peak of the mule deer rut, making it a memorable experience. During the rut, mule deer bucks can be spotted on their feet all day. After carefully managing this property for nearly two decades, the caliber of deer rivals any of our Wyoming ranches.

We take a limited number of hunters, so be sure and book early.

More infomation on the Wyoming portion of this hunt can be found here. More information on the Montana portion of this hunt can be found here

Hunt NameLodgingPrice per Hunter# of DaysHunt DatesHunter-Guide Ratio
Two State, Two Buck (Mule Deer/Whitetail) Town $8,295.00 6 November 1–6, 8-13  or 15-20 2:1 *
* 2 hunters to 1 guide. One on one guide service is available at an additional $250.00 per day. License fees are not included in the hunt price.







I would definitely do this hunt again, lots of fun.
A great hunt is about more than just taking a good animal, it’s just as much about the people you are with, the demeanor and the skill of the guides, the setting of the camp and the beauty of the surroundings. You excelled in every aspect.
The mule deer that I harvested is way above any expectations or dream for that matter.